Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing tactic in which a company uses surprise and or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service.  The term is derived from guerrilla warfare, the militant strategy where smaller, mobile, and sometimes civilian forces perform irregular attacks in hostile areas. Attacks include ambushes, raids, and other surprise charges.

Guerrilla marketing removes the warfare but uses the surprise or ambush elements to create a memorable marketing experience

Guerrilla marketing disrupts consumers in their daily routines by presenting them with unconventional methods of brand interaction. The idea is to generate conversation, a stir, or something newsworthy so brand awareness spreads either by word of mouth or through news attention

The best of  guerilla marketing campaigns are usually:

1.) Goal Oriented

2.) Original

2.) Ones that leverages on local terrain and culture

3.) Ones that integrates brand positioning and message

4.) Public Inclusive

5.) Ones that measure results

Successful Guerilla marketing concepts and ideas usually takes long hours and months of extensive and intensive research and planning to ensure campaigns generate the needed responses from target audiences.

AJO INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS assists with a wide variety of activation needs including:

1.) Development of attention grabbing and groundbreaking ideas based on brand message and goal

2.) Planning and location scouting

3.) Fabrication of guerrilla marketing supplies, props, outfits and brand installations

4.) Pre-activation logistical support (e.g. storage, transport, inventory management, etc.)

5.) Deployment and management of activations in multiple cities simultaneously

6.) Real-time reporting

In addition to the above definition, Guerilla Marketing has multiple variants which include:

Ambient marketing allows a business to create brand recognition without necessarily pushing their products. 

Experiential Guerilla Marketing can either be indoor, outdoor or ambush, however the execution is dependent upon consumer participation. Experiential Guerrilla Marketing can range from an unauthorized sidewalk pop-up shop to a scavenger hunt that places items throughout cities.

Presence marketing is along the same lines as ambient marketing. It’s about making the business name recognizable and familiar and always there. You know that saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” It goes double for products that don’t maintain a constant presence. This can be achieved through product placements in movies and TV shows, stalls at local festivals and markets, regular Twitter updates, or whatever else makes that product name visible daily. 

Wild postings may seem old-fashioned, but they are still wildly popular with indie bands and products that want to portray that indie image. Have you ever walked down a city street and seen a wall plastered with multiple copies of a poster for a movie, concert, or alcoholic beverage? Those would be wild postings, and part of their effectiveness lies in the way that they can make us believe we’re witnessing something momentous

Undercover marketing, also known as buzz marketing, is said to be one of the more devious ways of marketing to the masses. Undercover marketing/buzz marketing is all about selling something to someone who has no idea they’ve just witnessed a sales pitch.

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