Marketing Roadshow

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A marketing roadshow spreads brand awareness throughout various locations via experiential events and demonstrations.  

Marketing roadshows work by interacting face-to-face with the general public, demonstrating the product's value and benefit to the potential buyer.

By doing this the company increases brand and product awareness with the aim of driving up sales. Consumers are much more likely to invite a new product into their lives that they have had a chance to engage with in person, in a familiar or intriguing setting. And connecting on an emotional level deepens brand loyalty.

One great benefit of marketing roadshows is that they are very hard to ignore. As all areas of media become increasingly saturated with advertising, this point becomes ever more relevant.

AJ&O INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS are experts at  handling all your marketing Roadshow needs ranging from:

  1. marketing Roadshow ideas to enhance brand positioning and accomplish goals
  2. Location scouting, negotiation and contracting
  3. Consumer experience architecture and planning
  4. Event asset planning, production, and branding (e.g. tents, stages, brand booths, banner flags, A-frames, sound, etc.)
  5. Consumer interaction activities (e.g. step & repeat, prize wheel, lounge, photo props, etc.)
  6. Event assets storage, transport, and installation
  7. Onsite event management
  8. Securing and training onsite event brand ambassadors
  9. Event security and crowd control
  10. Videographer and photographers
  11. Production of consumer giveaways Performers, press, celebrity and influencer handlers and management
  12. Contact : AJ&O Integrated Communications for marketing roadshow ideas, strategies planning, production, and pricing.